我的天。這是一個腐到 vomit 血、 vomit bubbles 、 vomit 電、 vomit 飯、 vomit 茄……總之所有五臟六腑、一切可以 vomit 到的東西,都會令你吐出來的訪問,慘過動胎氣。

※ 容易作嘔的朋友慎入。

* 啡色字是某澄亂入。

Have you/would you ever do anything homo? Even in a frathouse kind of way? - Dennis the absolute menace
H: When we've been pissed in our house with mates round, our girlfriends too, and someone like Dougie gets ridiculously drunk and we strip him and tea bag him.
T: Dougie got really drunk once and we stripped him naked and drew permanent marker on his willy.

事實再次證明,某人果然是注定要天生被 M 的 orz 大家都一起去 S 他了(喂)

How do you cope with all those groupies? Fuck 'em or ignore 'em? - Floy
Dougie: Fucking ignore 'em! Do you see what I did there?

被 M 時選擇這樣的態度面對…嗯哼,可是這樣是阻止了不其他人 S 你的啦。(喂喂)

o any of you shave down below? - London Lady
Dougie: Sometimes
Danny: I clip. A number two. But when I get down to the crack it just gets too messy.
H: We’ve all got really hairy cracks. Dougie got in my bath once. He was just lying there shaving his pubes. Dougie's very popular with the men but if they ever saw his bum they'd run a mile.
Dougie: We’ve all got really disgusting bum holes.

原來某人引死仔的呀 XDDDDD 好啦,爽快承認你是 gay 的就好了嘛!(指)

What's in your pockets? - nosey parker
Danny: Porn
H: Some lube
T: A phone and chewing gum
Dougie: £1.50 and three guitar picks
H: An Express Radio Cars card
Danny: A receipt and a tenner.

Have you ever had a big McFly style orgy together? - Justin
Dougie: What, where we all bum each other? Yeah, twice.

人家問你 orgy 而已又不是問 sex party …幹嘛立刻就答邪野 XDDDD 事實再度證明你們是 homo 的(用力點頭)

Who's your favourite member of the royal family? Betty Windsor
Danny: The Queen
Dougie: The Queen's husband(!!話你唔 gay 都冇人信!!)
Danny: I fancy the Queen.(好邪惡!!! XDDrz )

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever had to do? Apart from stripping at G-A-Y. - your mum
Dougie: That wasn't embarrassing
Danny: Tranny was quite hard, in one of our videos. It was embarrassing when a certain person walked in, who one of us had a fling with.

這位 "your mum" 是…冏

Has there been any accidental lip touching when sharing microphones? - Jodie
T: I don't know about accidental.(即是你們每次都是有意識地嘴唇碰嘴唇而非意外的!!明白了!!)
Dougie: We touched tongues once( = 舌吻!!)
T: You lick my face a lot on stage
Danny: Remember when you licked my bumhole? Only joking.

Have u ever fucked or kissed another guy? - Ogie
T: Oh yeah!! What?
H: We’ve gone all the way.
T: Dougie and Danny have.(斷正!!某兩人擺明車馬 f**k 過啦妖!! XDDDDDD 〔開小花〕 Tom 唔會講大話架佢咁講得即是真的了〔扭扭〕 XD )

Please come to Israel!! We really need you :[ - Israel
Danny: Oh right.
H: We'll be there.

Do any of you have any pervy fantasies and if so, what are they? - kelly & jason
Danny: Leggings. Especially leopard skin. Harry's got some leopard skin leggings.
H: I wore them at his party.

Who's your favourite wife of Henry VIII? If it's me I'll blow you. - Anne Boleyn
Danny: Julie
Dougie: Anne Boleyn, did she survive?
H: Who else was there?
Danny: Catherine of Aragon!
H: Henry VIII was harsh wasn't he?
Dougie: He was like the Snoop Dogg of his time.

You must now be the highest grossing Scottish insect of all time. How does that feel? - Ander
H: Well done Ander, because that's the funniest play-on-words of McFly I've heard.
T: It's an intelligent pun. Normally it's like…
H: 'McFlurry'.
Danny: McBusted.

How hard, on a scale of 1-10, would you like me to hit you with this baseball bat, with 1 being bone-breaking and 10 being atomised? - Chewie
H: Why would we want to be hit by a baseball bat? Does this guy really hate us?
Dougie: This is why we don't get big-headed, because people ask us questions like this all the time
H: Yeah, I'm going to go home and they'll say, 'Did you have a good day?' and I'll go, 'Yeah it was alright, someone wrote in and said they were going to hit me over the head with a baseball bat'. No, I'm joking. As hard as you like.
Dougie: Right on the bum cheek.

Who are you? - Bubba
Danny: Just go, 'Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?…'

Dear McFly, what is the combined length of your boy dicks? - harreh
H: Wait a sec (takes a look)…mine's about 30 inches
Danny: Mine comes up to my belly button
H: That's a big fat lie Danny
D: It isn't I'll take a picture of it tonight.

!!! XDrz 這題實在太到肉了!!
從 Harry 的反應來看,他的●一定不及某人的那麼大啦 XDDD
某人有冇真係咁堅呀頂 =口= 那麼看來他的○能力應該 OK 強(爆)

I read a while back in Popbitch that one of you gave the other a blow job in the toilets at an award ceremony. Which one of you was it? - Curious
Danny: There's always stuff like that going around. There's pictures of me and Tom kissing on the internet but they're lookalikes.
T: And there's a picture of Dougie looking like he's bumming me
Dougie: Yeah but we're laughing!


Can you get me Fern Britten's telephone number? - dollydippit
Danny: Yes, from 118 118. Just a sec…(Phones 118 118)
118 118: Hello 118 118, can I help you?
Danny: Can I get the number for Fern Britten please?
118 118: I wish I did
Danny: We're doing an interview and I've been asked to get her number, so I thought 118 might have it
118 118: I'm afraid we haven't got Fern Britten's number. Is there anything else we can help you with?
Danny: What do you think of McFly?
118 118: I think they're ok. I can give you ITV's number
Danny: Ok, thank you. Bye.

明玩野呀!?就好似明明係寫信俾星野桂但同佢講「 One Piece 很好看我很喜歡尾田老師」… XDDDD
(我記憶中, DGM 單行本專欄好像真的刊過這麼一道問題的。 XD )

Danny and Dougie, is it true you've both had sex and if it is, can I have a video of it? - Claire Thackray
Dougie: Yeah we made a tape, it was like the Pamela Anderson thing. We filmed it on a yacht. I started off by rubbing oil into Danny. My hand slips down and I'm like, 'Oh, I'm sorry!'.
Danny: Yeah, it was awesome.
Dougie: And we put fish bait round ourselves and jump into the sea while holding onto a rope while fish peck at us.

唔係化……仲要晌船上面做!!頂!! XDDDD
慢著… "rubbing oil into Danny" !?攻受逆轉了!!? XDDDDD (狂爆)

What's all your shoe sizes? - Jay
H: I'll have you know mine are the biggest
Danny: Isn't your shoe size the same as your head?
H: Same size as your dick.

Dear McFly, could you please come to Israel? If yes, when? If no, why? - Israel–Adi
H: Yes, if we can get one more invite from an Israeli fan. We’ve had two so far.

If you had to be run over by a car and killed, which car would you want it to be? - Nic
T: Skoda.
H: Robin Reliant. People would be like, 'Oh, Harry died'. 'Oh my God, that's really sad. How did it happen? 'He got run over by a Robin Reliant'. 'Hahahahaha'.

Have you ever woken up and thought a particular band member looks nice today and that you'd like to chat them up/kiss them? - Tahmina
H: Funny that, the other day I said, 'You're looking quite fit today Tom!'.
T: But not when we first wake up.

Is this Pudd? Tom's so cute ha!!
Of course, he's very fit too! *grins*
雖然 "wake up" 有點謎,但我堅信 Tom 和 Harry 應該不會做那回事啦…

What's the most impressive thing you can cook? - Emma from Ipswich
H: Spaghetti bolognaise.
T: Roast, but not crackling.
Danny: Chicken satay stir-fry.
Dougie: Pot Noodle.

Dougie, please can you tell us what it feels like to have sex with Danny? Danny, the same for you, only with Dougie. - Shelly
Dougie: It is good, he's just not very intimate. He's very rough. He just boshes it out. There's no kissing afterwards.
Danny: Just wait, people aren't going to read this the way you're saying it. You've got to put 'sarcastically'.

=///口///= !!!重點啊重點!!戲玉啊戲玉!!!
Dougie 貌似答得好興奮看來他好喜歡和別人 share 他和他男人的性經驗 ~___~b
不過,這我就更肯定他倆一定做過啦!!! Yes !!!(自然 high 中)
從他的回答中亦都顯示了, Doug 一般來說應該是在下面那個 XDrz
某人真不懂憐香惜玉!!唔該溫柔 d 啦你!!! XDDDD

When are you going to do concerts in Spain? - Vega
Danny: After we've been to Israel.

When are you guys coming to North America? - krazy in luv
T: After we've been to Israel and Spain.

Have you ever been asked out by a fan? - charlie
H: I think we've all been proposed to a couple of times
Danny: Someone asked me to rape Dougie.

我再一次肯定叫 Danny rape Dougie 果條(或許唔止一條)友係腐女 or 男囉 XDDDDDD 佢地 ask 得太好啦!!!(大姆指)

What is the gayest thing you have ever done with another man? - Alex
Danny: Kissed him. Pinned him down on the bed. Harry, you've touched my balls.
H: Have I?
T: You tried to touch mine too.
H: If we're in the car we always get our balls out.
Dougie: The old cock and ball.
H: You get a bit out and they have to guess which it is. But that's not homosexual, that's funny.
Danny: What was that picture we took?
T: I've got so many pictures of his balls in my computer. We all went snorkelling in the Caribbean and I've got this one underwater shot of Danny's balls. You could see all the hairs on it, it looked like a sea anenome.

問這條的都很大機會是腐人 XD
堅信被 Danny kissed 同埋 pin 落床既一定係 Dougie 。 ABSOLUTELY. No other choices. 當然應該不止推倒在床上,之後一定仲有下文,相信不用我多說了。
Harry 你唔駛補鑊啦,甚麼 "that's not homosexual, that's funny" ,只不過是自圓其說罷,全世界都知道你地 gay 啦你地自己都認哂出面,解釋再多都冇用架啦 XDDDD

媽的 XD 我十成十 sure 問問題既十個有一百個都係腐女囉 XD ( Well ,腐男也可以啦 XDrz )

隨文附送 Pones 拉布圖一張~

聞說是腐女 fans 拍的 XDD 腐女萬歲!!!(灑花)
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