Ich lerne Deutsch dies semester.
Mein Deutschlehere ist wunderbar!! XDDD

Ich liebe dies Lied.
Revolverheld - Ich werd' die Welt verändern

(Official MV click here)

...Well, I know how to introduce myself in German. Nothing more.
My pronunciation SUCKssssss......so I search for some German songs and try to sing along XD

Revolverheld - Unzertrennlich
OMG I love this MV!!!!!! I lOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow the Lunar New Year Cup will be held in Hong Kong Stadium afternoon.
Sure I'll watch it at home...I don't have time to go out uhmm T.T
I guess I better go to bed now.

Happy 2009, everyone! Have a nice year!
Gute Natch & Tschüs!


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  • shan137
  • 好像在歐錦賽的時候替德國對唱了歌吧...
  • 啊啊啊是這樣嗎!?我還真的不知道耶~ XDDDDD
    要買專輯的話我覺得是買原版的比較好啦……不過很貴,而且未必有入貨 /___\

    kisumimakino 於 2009/01/28 21:01 回覆