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“Oh my God! Time’s not enough for me to finish up all the stuff!” This exclamation is usually heard from university students. It seems they are busy, having countless works to do. Are our students really carrying pounds of workload? No. The main problem is that they can't manage their time well.

University students are not trained to have efficient time management skill. In their high school life, even starting from their childhood, their schedule is settled by parents and teachers. They are given a fixed timetable, which has decided when they have to take the lessons, which subject they should follow, when to lunch and dismiss, when and where to join the extra-curricular activities. Students need not to think anymore. They could just simply follow the time plan and everything would be on the right track.

Some may argue that students could learn to manage their time beyond the timetable! They ought to draw a plan for their weekends or summer holidays, try to develop a good kind of skill. – It’s not easy to do so! Even the holidays are scheduled by parents. They spend those times for tutorial classes, learning non-academic competence like arts and sports. The time left will be spent on revision - especially the senior students. They are facing increasing exam pressure from the mock exam, the Cert Level and A-Level exam, etc. It's understandable to hear teachers always say: "Do not go to plazas or cinemas on weekends. Stay at home with your textbooks." Students would never consider that they have the necessity to do time planning. The whole day will be used for studying, that's all!

All these unable students to develop time management skill. This have to be developed since they’re young, but teachers and parents often neglect it. When it comes to university, things become solely different for students. The timetable now is much more flexible. How to spend the free time between lectures? Besides, there are a large range of out-class activities. Which one should they participate in? University classes require students to do numbers of group assignment. How can they allocate the time well among the group mates? They find it’s difficult to code with – they are lack of this kind of experience.
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