Glory Glory Our Captain Fabulious

The Liverpool skipper travelled to London with his fiancée Alex Curran to pick up the award from The Queen.
"I've played in big games with special people but I've never experienced anything like this," said the 26-year-old after the hour-long investiture.

"It's completely different nerves to football. In football I know what I'm going to do but today is a big day and a proud day for me."
Gerrard was recognised for services to football having led the Reds to Champions League and FA Cup glory in the space of 12 months.
"I think I've done well on the pitch and off," he added. "I've got a lovely family and the football is going well, I've achieved a lot but I'm still only 26 and it's early in my career. I'm hungry for more.
"Istanbul was just total amazement. To go three goals down, as the captain of the team I came out at half-time playing for respect and trying to keep the score down.
"For us to turn the game all the way around and become victorious was something we never thought possible.
"On the international front I've had the highs and the lows, but to be successful it's just about being patient." 

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