Exam makes me feel ehxausted.
I have to do something for recharging energy!

Nah, today I would like to introduce the Scousers with their partners / families.
(I don't want to type Chinese by now...don't ask me why. I can't tell coz I don't know.)

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The first will be our dearest captain.

I beg everyone on earth knows the name of Steven Gerrard's fiancee.
Yeh, her name is Alex Curren. No need for me to write a long paragraph talking about her huh? Everybody knows her.
Actually she's not bad, it's uneasy to be the girlfriend of Steven Gerrard.
Yet somehow she looks a bit older than her age...looks like Stevie's elder sister than his girlfriend. Ah...I'm nitpicking.

A happy family.
Thier first daughter Lily-Ella was born in Feb 2004 and second baby girl Lexie was born in May 2006.
I love Lily. She's just so cute. Yeh, as cute as her father. Lovely.

Home sweet home.

OMG I can't stop falling in love with them. *snuggle*

Cute *shy*. I'm MOEing XD (Does anybody know what I mean? XD)

They have a dog pet. Interesting, haha.

Here go Xabi.

His girlfriend Nagore. She's about two years older than Xabi. She looks nice and quite pretty in this pic. Good shot!

Sitting with Xabi. (This angle makes her look less beautiful! > <)

This one looks like his mother / auntie...Orz

Now Carra.

He married his childhood sweetheart, Nicola Harts, in July 2005.

She's a sweet girl!! I like her. /////

Carra is a good husbund and a good father.

They have two children, James and Mia.

This is LOVELY. But...there're two little boys! Where's the extra kid coming from?! O__o

Let's move to the next one: Garcia.

This was taken from the game against Barcelona. Due to injury treatment, Luis could only sit on the Kop and watch.
Beside him is his wife, Raquel. She looks beautiful!

Wedding party.

She really looks good. They have a son named Joel.

Wow~. This pic warms my heart. *grin*

Then Reina.

He married Yolanda Ruiz in May 2006 before the WC.
Um...they look good to each other~!


Reina you look sooo COOL!! Awesome pic! *admire*

Their first child, a daughter, Grecia, was born in Feb 2007.

The next one coming up is Riise.

Previous marriage with Norwegian model Guri Havnevik. (from Wikipedia)
Is that mean they've broken up already? I'm not sure...please notice me if I'm wrong.

They have a daughter, Ariana.

Oh ah...very "open".
And see? His muscle!! XDDDDDD So STRONG!!!

...I don't know what to say when I see this pic. orz
(Very GAG & KUSO.........OTL)

Ariana has a "boylish" face.

A happy but...a bit weird family. I would say.

OMG. What can I say? They're so...得s. OTL

Next turn...Kuyt.

His wife, Gertrude.
She continued to work as a nurse in an old people's home after marrying Kuyt until their daughter, Noelle, was born. She now runs a charitable foundation she set up with Kuyt to help disadvantaged children in Dutch inner cities and third world countries. (from Wikipedia)
I like her attitude too! And I'm impressed by what they do for charity.

The Kuyt Family.
Gertrude also gave birth to their second child, a son Roan, in April 2007.

Last but not the least,Our Big Boss Rafa Rafa Benitez!

He's watching the Youth Cup Final (LFC vs. MU, the first leg) with his wife, Montse.

One of their daughters. I'm not sure this girl is the elder or the younger one.
Their names are Claudia and Agatha.
Anyway I like this pic ;)

To end this entry, I would like to post a bonus pic here.

Daddy's baby!
From top left to bottom right, they're Lamps with Luna, Terry with Rose, Joe with Niece and Carra with James. ;)

Rumbles: I love JT's baby twins. They're VERY VERY VERY VERY cute!!!! And I admire his little girl's name, Summer Rose. It's a beautiful name. His wife is adorable too! I like her personality. Honest.

Enough? If not I apologize for it, I have to stop here.
I'm tired. And remember I'm still taking my fucking exam. So I gatta go...

I'll bring some new stuff up next time. I promise.
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  • 盧海星
  • Awww, like totally! Daddy's little soldier. *squeee* I'm not<br />
    really into Alex, but you know, Steven loves her and that's all<br />
    that matters. <br />
    Luis looks so goddamn hot in that one pic with Raquel and Joel.<br />
    *dies* Riise and his wife are....這段不打中文不行...開放,是的。<br />
    王建民絕對不會跟他老婆做這種事。Arianna is cute as well. <br />
    And JT daddy? Is LOVE.<br />
    <br />
    Thanks for making this. loved it.
  • 小澄
  • Haishin!!! >3< *hug*<br />
    <br />
    Alex...I won't let her go if <br />
    she makes Stevie cry!<br />
    既然Stevie選了你就要讓他幸福啊。請<br />
    好好疼他…!(大根式哭泣)<br />
    <br />
    Who's 王建民? Is that your <br />
    classmate?! XD<br />
    <br />
    Love JT daddy! I've seen other <br />
    pics of him & his twins. They <br />
    just make me melt.
  • katsuki
  • A comment with my ugly <br />
    English.XD<br />
    <br />
    That's fun.Everybody have a <br />
    lovely family.The children are <br />
    so cute.(but not the all)<br />
    <br />
    Riise and his wife...they are <br />
    so 索's.XDDDD<br />
    <br />
    I'm sure that Niece's father <br />
    is Carrick!!!Also,her mother <br />
    is Joe.XDDDDD
  • 小澄
  • I like you use the <br />
    word "ugly"!!!!!XDDD<br />
    <br />
    I don't think Riise is an <br />
    interial person. He's VERY <br />
    onpen-minded as you can <br />
    see...OTL.<br />
    <br />
    Yeh, Niece is the child of <br />
    Carrick & Joe. No doubt.<br />
    The previous long-trem rest of <br />
    Joe was not due to injury. The <br />
    truth is, he was taking rest <br />
    and preparing to give birth to <br />
    thir child!!!!!XDDDDDDD(毆)
  • yehwen
  • Chien-Ming Wang is a baseball player,he is popular in<br />
    Taiwan!!!XD And now is a pitcher in NY Yankees.<br />
    <br />
    He is Taiwan's hero for every taiwanes' mind.(and I'm his fan<br />
    for long time.XDDDDD)
  • nofumi
  • 小隆的老婆跟我想的差好多 =口=<br />
    卡拉格的老婆so sweet<br />
    and Reina好帥喔>////////////<<br />
  • kisumimakino
  • 那mofumi想的是怎樣的?<br />
    <br />
    對啦Reina好帥XD<br />
    其實他是位很不錯的男士…!(糟糕小叮<br />
  • ...
  • Grande sito!!