人家本來想先 po 小托在利記的訓練圖,可是卻被我看到這樣的消息……

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Son Of Dork Finished

Im writing this blog to inform y'all that Son Of Dork are no more.

Thanks to all of you for all of your support over the last two years, we super owe you.

Please keeep watching this space as ill be taking over this myspace and using it for my new band, which will be bursting out the box sometime in the new year.

Love From Above

Dai xxx

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Son Of Dork Update

So just signed on to myspazz to find a massive array of comments and all sorts of wierd and wonderful things being said. I promise you i didnt want to get into this, but obviously the post i left earlier was brief and didnt really clear anything up for you guys.

Ive always told you guys the truth and have continuously left blogs explaining the position the band are in, and must say I find it quite funny that all of a sudden I'm the bad guy for telling the truth. I left a post saying the band had split because of the following reasons, but below is all im saying and will say on the matter, so make of it what you will.

If Son Of Dork are still going then good luck to them, i honestly wish them all the best. Last time i checked though, we/they havent practiced for nearly 5 months, havent spoken to each other properly in about the same time and have absolutely nothing scheduled as far as future plans go. I dont know about you other musicians out there, but i wouldnt consider that a band.

Also, ask yourself the following things:

1. Who cancelled the tour you were promised behind their bands' back?

2. Who cancelled the headlining show at the Xuberance festival behind their bands' back?

3. Who promised you a second album but was so busy spending time in other countries that nothing ever came of it?

Everyones entitled to their opinion, and i don't blame you guys for taking your angers and frustrations out on me, hell i've been just as angry and frustrated. But if you wish to follow your false hero blindly then thats your journey, i just hope it takes you somewhere better than it did me. I'm sorry for sounding personal and a little bitter but i just wished to clear that up the best i could.

I wish everyone who was involved with this band all the best in the world. I'd like to thank you guys who stand by me, and thank all of you who stood by this band the last two years, like I said before, we owe you everything.

Big Love and Big Thanks

Dai xxx

……好吧。這樣說是等如 SOD 名存實亡囉?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Truth No Bullsh**T
Current mood: aggravated

Hi guys i would just like to tell you the truth no bullsh**!! Son Of Dork had a lot of problems and different ideas with their management... After negotiating out fo the management contract I feel Son of dork left it so long that mercury records we're losing faith as im sure alot of you guys had or are.... The tour with BFS finally came after about a year of nothing and sitting aorund being bored and we thought that that might generate some more interest of which it did... Our agent then set us up a tour of which did not sell very well so we decided to pull out! James has been writing songs for the band non stop as have Chris and I!!! Hoping that the right songs can be written to relaunch the excitement we first captured... We decided after our own tour not occuring that we would get on for a couple of months and give everyone a bit of breathing space, as you can imagine when things dont go right for a long time and your breathing down eachothers necks with depression time apart can help...... So James has been writing for the group without any one giving him a hard time (except Dave) Chris has been writing also, for the band and various artist and I have been producing some groups as that it was i love to do as well as writing for them and ultimately writing for Son Of Dork too.

Everyone knew the arrangement and that when the right thing comes along we shall try to persue what we all had originally. Dave has obvioulsy singularly felt otherwise and decided to change the passwords to the son of dork email and myspace and took on him self to end the band use the sod myspace for his new band (that he shouldnt have done anyway and try to f**k everyone over.. BAD DARTS!!!

This everything i no about everything and i am very sorry for any one who has been upset by this or confused along the way but i am very confused too..

son of dork are not officially over, when the whole band sits together and decides this i promise i will let you no but this has been selfishy put forward dave and the band are very annoyed by his actions..

im sorry and i hope you can still love me and other members of son of dork in the future and whatever they decide to do....

Buff love the Rushtonaiter xxxxx

然後是新的 official SOD My Space 最新的 statement 。

Thursday, July 12, 2007

SOD Latest................

SOD have NOT split up, Dave had left the band as off yesterday. We have heard from Chris and nothing yet has been confirmed to whether he is staying put with James and Steve, Danny is no where to be found right now so when we hear from him we will let you know... Chris should be posting a Bulletin later on today either on here or his own Myspace.

This is the new myspace page as the passwords got changed as you can read about here on Steve's myspace.

we hopefully will be revamping this page and making it fresh with the new SOD!

Keep on adding and loving SOD!!

I'm so confusing.
Hey guys, what the hell is goin' on with you?
I'm not blaming any of you, I just feel so sick on it.
Anyway, thanks for your posts and telling us what's happening so far.

Steve 是個誠實的好孩子,我也相信他的說應該不會是假。
這樣看我總是覺得他們好像溝通有問題 =_____=|| 共識不能啊!

不過 Dave 也真太任性了,先撇開團隊存在與否的問題,
私自改了 account 的 pw 這行為也太那個了吧… =_____=|||
我不知道該怎麼說啦,總之大概是這樣大家明白就行了 =____=
我想,我大概無法衷心支持他將會組成的新團隊吧。 T___T

現在等 Chris 和 Danny 的消息。希望他們能作出最好的決定(淚)
無論你們要 split 還是仍在一起,我也祝福你們。當然我好想你們可以再在一起啦。

未來的事有誰知呢……也許過些年後,能再看見一隊完完整整的 Son Of Dork ;
像 BSB ,在 Nick 出 solo album 的時候也曾鬧過風波,但我很高興最後他們都能夠再走在一起(別想歪!)


It's contradictory...we're both trying hard to figure it out.

I still wish you the BEST all the way and looking foward to your future performance. GOOD LUCK!

有粉絲留言說不如換 Matt 加入啦。 XDDD
雖然我覺得 Matt 不會再入團啦……可能性極低。(攤手)
But 這主意實在太讚了我好 buy 你呀朋友!! XDDDDD

我需要安慰啦。小托 baby I'm coming~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(毆)
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  • kat
  • 我說啊...Dave會私自做出這種這麼任性的行為只是想引人注意啦...誰叫詹詹經常性的對人家的表示無動於衷TWT

    他勢猜不到詹詹會馬上就說他不是 SOD 的團員所以才搞這種飛機吧...(雖然好衰但的確是他風格)

    結論:Dave 又再一次被詹詹拒絕了!!! XDDD

    夠了講正經的吧,Dave 這樣做的確好過份,換我是詹詹也會生氣啦,鬧得這僵日後也不知會不會再有合作機會T__T我覺得詹詹就是那些即使跟人再合作裝作已經完全不在意但其實心裏對人還有陰暗面那種人!!他還算愛恨分明啊我覺得...(他對那人喜歡與否你是會完全感受到那分別..可就是不會說得出 XD )

    希望 Chris 和 Danny 會留下T__T( Danny 走了我怎幫他谷人氣啊?! XD )
  • =____=|||| 無論係用腐還是用正經的角度去睇都好 WORSE lor ||Orz
    「一個不小搞大了」←糟,這句我一看腦內第一時間想到的是搞出人命 ||||ORZ (大炸)

    又唔可以話詹詹衰既,呢 d 叫你做初一我做十五 =___= 俾著我都會採取同樣的 action
    在公可能大家還有些少合作空間,但在私就……畢竟弄成這樣怎可能完全不介意,就算和解相信也是很久以後的事吧,我們能做的就只有 wait & see 囉 |||orz
    起碼,連我身為一個粉絲心裏也有條刺,何況是當事人呢……(搖頭 + 嘆)

    我相信 Chris 和 Danny 會作出適當的決定的了,不過無論他倆去或留我都會祝福 + 支持他們的 T__T
    我會努力幫 Danny 谷人氣的了或許這樣他就會回來啦~~~ TwT (大誤) XDDDD

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