In school...too lazy to type Chinese
I've just found this exciting news!

(from BSB Taiwan Official Blog) their new MV is.

Backstreet Boys - Inconsolable

A beautiful vedio & a touching song!!!
It sounds better and more mature than "Incomplete" & "I Still", no matter the melody or the lyrics.
GJ guys!!!! >////

Backstreet Boys: behind the secenes of Inconsolable

Brian's son is sooo cute!!! >///3

I can't wait to hear their new album!!!!!
Remember, 2/11, YE@H~~~~~~~

I Luv U Guys!!!!
I miss u... Kevin ;__;

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  • 野芙美
  • !!一整個懷念!!
  • 對…… Nick 當年才十多歲啦 XDDD
    真希望他們會來香港噢~ T人T
    聞說他們會再去台灣啊,詳情可到官方部落格看 XDrz

    kisumimakino 於 2007/10/27 00:53 回覆