Too lazy to type Chinese again XDDD (爆)

OK, I'll try my best to type as many Chinese as I can...
Sometimes it's hard to express my feeling accurately by using Engliah.
Cantonese is much much more 傳神 & 精警 you know! XDDDD

Life without MSN and watching football match is hell.
(Due to connecting troubles with my PC.)
I need LOVE......ORZ are some random stuff I found.

Mark with McFLY on Backstage

OMG Mark 你真的愈來愈了……大家都去欺凌你啦 =口=

Harry & Danny McFLY play hide n seek with Mark TMI Part 1 & 2

Low B Hide & Seek XDDDD

McFLY on Tour Part 1 & 2

Why Mark 既曝光率可以咁高架!! XDDDDDD

McFly - JOJO Confession Cam

竟然有 d 咁既野存在…… so mysterious XD

Danny Jones Drunk

Don't know if I comprehend / interpret it wrong...
It sounds like 色情成份…… |||||
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